We provide tailor-made services to design, develop and build your product. By supporting our customers in selecting the best solutions for them, we ensure quality and an efficient final outcome in any sector we are active in, and in any task requested.


Updates include two different activities: optimization of the operation of all electric, technological and software components, to extend the life cycle of your product, and rebuilding of accident-prevention guards.


Disassembling worn-out mechanical parts can improve the machine performance and maintain it in good working conditions.


We work with leading companies in the automated machine field, supplying mechanical assembly services through highly specialized personnel.


The need to always be up to date led us to familiarize with and use cutting-edge design systems, such as Autodesk Inventor, for the mechanical part, and Eplan P8, for the electric part.


We ensure compliance with specific requirements for every sector we are active in – from the food industry to the pharmaceutical sector, from coffee to cosmetics and tobacco.